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Chinese Medicine Times : Keeping You Informed

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Vol 2 Issue 4 - Aug 2007

  • Sorting Out Tradition - The Ding Current in Chinese Medicine
    by Volker Scheid

  • Disorders of the Spleen and Stomach - Part One
    by Dian Bang Shi

  • Painful Obstruction (Bi) Syndromes - Part Two
    by Alon Marcus

  • Tennis Elbow - Why Do Studies Show Acupuncture Has Only Short Term Benefits?
    by Suzanne Tapper

  • OSHA Compliance - How Clean Needle Technique Falls Short in the US
    by David Kailin

  • Book Review: How to Get More Profit from Your Acupuncture Clinic, Even if You Have Little or No Money!
    by Matthew Bauer

  • Effective Use of Mild Acting Herbs VI. Coix (Yi Yi Ren)
    by Subhuti Dharmananda

  • Thyroid Disease
    by Stephen Gascoigne


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