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Book Review: How to Get More Profit from Your Acupuncture Clinic, Even If You Have Little or No Money!

by Matthew Bauer


Gavin Hurlimann
How to get more profit from your Acupuncture clinic, even if you have little or no money!
Published by GBH Profit Solutions Ltd
New Zealand 2007
Spiral bound. 164 pages, includes companion DVD

Some time ago Gavin Hurlimann, author of "How to get more profit from your Acupuncture clinic, even if you have little or no money!” contacted me asking if I would consider writing a review of his aforementioned book. He thought to ask me because he wanted to have the review written by someone who did not know him personally and being that I live in the United States and him in New Zealand. I have never met Gavin so I fit the bill. I was happy to oblige but wondered if successful clinic marketing methods might differ on opposite sides of the equator. After reading Gavin's well researched and comprehensive marketing manual, my concerns were put to rest. It seems sound marketing principals hold true no matter which direction one's bath water drains.

This guidebook is divided into two parts; the first 125 pages go into considerable detail on a wide variety of marketing topics while the second part is a 40 page business plan development guide. The first section begins by emphasizing some important facts such as why a good marketing plan offers a clinic owner the best return on investment (ROI) and that marketing to ones’ existing database (current and previous patients/customers) is by far the most cost effective method of practice building. The advice regarding exploiting one's current database is repeated several times to the point of being repetitious, but no doubt Mr. Hurlimann felt this advice so vital he risked the writer's sin of repetition for the sake of driving home a crucial point.

For those who may be thinking "Great … exploit one's database. What if I am just starting out and have no database?”Mr. Hurlimann offers valuable advice in a section titled "Introduce yourself to your market even before you open your practice". I wish I had known something of these ideas 21 years ago when I first hung my shingle.

Additional valuable advice deals with advertising and covers everything from business cards, to yellow pages, to newspaper ads. The examples given - many of actual ads - help to put the advice into a practical perspective. Related to this advertising advice is information about calculating the "lifetime value" of a patient. This is the average amount of income one anticipates will be generated by a patient; an absolutely vital figure to have to calculate the return on one's marketing costs. Rounding-out this first section is some really innovative advice on creating loyalty programs, VIP clubs, referral programs and joint ventures - (if you don't know what this jargon refers to, you need to read this book!)

Finally, the second section contains several worksheets to fill-out to aid one in forming a business plan - something I suspect few practitioners have ever thought to do. The simple fact that most practitioners have never developed a business plan speaks volumes about the lack of business sense many of us have when entering into our practices. A business plan is a fundamental tool virtually any start-up business needs. If you question this, try obtaining a business loan from any financial institution without one.

"How to get more profit from your Acupuncture clinic, even if you have little or no money!" is easy to read, understand, and put into practice. Those who follow even some of the principals laid-out in this valuable guide will undoubtedly experience a great ROI, and the more Acupuncturists who have successful practices, the more people can be helped with this wonderful healing art. I congratulate Mr. Hurlimann on a fine book and encourage anyone who would like to see their practice become more profitable to take advantage of this book and its money back guarantee. Available from GBH Profit Solutions Ltd, email:

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