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Chinese Medicine Times : Keeping You Informed

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Vol 2 Issue 1 - Feb 2007

  • The Penetrating Vessel
    by Giovanni Maciocia

  • Cupping Therapy - Part One
    by Ilkay Chirali

  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Chinese Herbal Medicine in Improving Female Fertility
    by Trevor Wing and Elke Sedlmeier

  • A Critique of Case Studies Discussing He Shou Wu. An Analysis of Data Sources Used in Hospitals and The Use of The Yellow Card Scheme
    by Attilio D'Alberto

  • The Final Days of Traditional Beliefs? - Part Four
    by Matthew Bauer
  • Book Review: Identifying and Treating Blockages to Healing by B Strittmatter
    by David Mayor

  • Diagnosing Pain Beyond Qi and Blood Stagnation. A Look at Painful Obstruction Syndromes - Part Two
    by Jason Blalack

  • Effective Use of Mild Acting Herbs IV. Pueraria (Ge Gen)
    by Subhuti Dharmananda

  • Medical QiGong and Asthma
    by Ted Cibik

  • Talking Turkey
    by Stephen Gascoigne


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