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Vol 1 Issue 3 - Jun 2006

  • The Development of Wind Aetiology in Chinese Medicine - Part Two
    by Attilio D'Alberto

  • Heaven's Numbers on Earth: Ancient Astronomy and Chinese Medicine
    by Matthew Bauer

  • Aiding The Tibetans
    by Subhuti Dharmananda

  • Chinese Medicine Diet Therapy: Bo Lou Mi - Jakfruit
    by Lea Starck

  • A Free Online Clinical Studies Database for Electroacupuncture
    A preview by Marilyn Thompson

  • Ethics in Modern Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
    by Subhuti Dharmananda

  • Use of a Traditional Chinese Medical Herbal Formula to Treat a Dermatological Disorder of Unknown Aetiology in a Domestic Cat
    by Bruce Ferguson

  • Methods of Stimulating Acupoints in Animals
    by Phil Rogers

  • What Lies Within
    by Stephen Gascoigne


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