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AWQ104E Electronic Acupunctoscope (AWQ104E)

AWQ104E Electronic Acupunctoscope
The AWQ-104E Multi-Purpose Electronic Acupunctoscope is new and improved, portable upgrade from the AWQ-100B, with four outputs. The AWQ-104L Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope with 4
outputs is a newly designed unit. It features a digital display to depict the frequency of stimulation during operation, and a numerical display to indicate the sensitivity of detection during the location of
acupuncture points. This unit is fully equipped with distinguished features in appearance, circuitry and accessories. It is one of the most powerful acupuncture stimulators available in the market.


- Four (4) output channels.
- New IC circuitry, no cross over .
- Polarity reversal switch for each channel .
- Sensitive point location with both light and sound indication .
- Loc-Needle-Stim treatment and location switch .
- High/ Low voltage switch: low for needles, high for TENS .
- Continuous, intermittent, and dense-disperse (modulated) wave forms .
- Two frequency range setting: 0 to 100 and 10 to 999 Hz .
- Improved alligator clip wires and detection probe .
- Low battery indicator .
- Frequency, x1 1 to 100 Hz.
- Frequency,x10 10 to 999 Hz .
- Output current 0 ~ 18 mA r.m.s.
- Low: 500 ohm loading,. 0 ~ 40 mA r.m.s.
- High: 500 ohm loading.
- Output 4 independent channels .
- Point detection sound and light indication .
- Power supply 9 volt battery .
- Dimensions 15.5 x 10.5 x 6 cm (6" x 42" x 2.2") .
-Weight 330 grams (0.7 lbs), unit only .
- Accessories pen shaped search/treat probe with hand grounding pole, improved wire, 4 sets. 1 pc.9V battery. 1 carrying case . 1 instruction manual.

Weight (including packaging): 4500g
Tax is not applicable to those living outside the European Economic Community. For more info click here.
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