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Hunyuan Certification Course - January 2011

Hunyuan Certification Course - January 2011
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The Hunyuan Fertility Method founded by Dr.Yaron Seidman, is based in the ancient Chinese classics and Huo Shen Pai (Fire Spirit School) . A truly heroic method of treatment that seeks to reconnect individuals with their root power, enabling truly miraculous transformations of human conditions.

Hunyuancertification program is offered to licensed acupuncturists from the USA and around the world. It includes six modules of Hunyuan Method theory plus one module of clinical practicum. Modules are in webinar classes' format (video and audio conferencing with live interactive exchange). Each module is one month long and includes 4 classes - 2 hours each (Tuesdays, 10:00AM-12:00PM Eastern, 7:00-9:00AM Pacific). The entire certification course contains a total of 56 classroom hours + 48 hours of class assignments and research papers. The six modules + practicum module have a total of 104 hours (class and home). Classes are taught by Yaron Seidman DAOM unless otherwise specified.

Module I – The Foundation

Huang Di Neijing selected Chapters. Understanding foundational principles of classical Chinese medicine.

Module II - Chinese medicine's classical approach

Importance of Yang in the classics and the "Fire Sage School (Huo Shen Pai)"

Tai Yang, Shao Yang- significance, treatment strategies; herbal, acupuncture and case studies.

Gui Zhi Ma Huang Fa - Gui Zhi Ma Huang combination method

Zheng Qinan (founder of Huo Shen Pai) selected quotes and discussions

Module III - Yang versus Yin

Yang Ming, Tai Yin - significance, treatment strategies; herbal, acupuncture and case studies.

Gui Zhi Fa- Gui Zhi combination method

Ling Shu selected quotes and discussions

Module IV - The core of infertility

Shao Yin- understanding the root of infertility, water-fire and the use of Fu Zi (yellow or black)- significance, treatment strategies; herbal, acupuncture and case studies.

Si Ni Fa- Si Ni combination method

Shang Hanlun selected quotes and discussions

Fu Zi, herbs and Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing

Module V - Wars and victories

Jue Yin - secret of successful pregnancy and miscarriage prevention- significance, treatment strategies; herbal, acupuncture and case studies.

Classical commentators: Zhang Zhi Cong, Chen Xiuyuan selected quotes and discussions

Module VI -In footsteps of the sages

Curing infertility with the Hunyuan method, the classical approach, significance and implications.

Zhang Zhicong- Ben Cao Honourable Origin and the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing selected herbs and discussion. Traditional way of studying and Sun Simiao "Thousand Golden Prescriptions".

Module VII -Case Studies

Case studies, analysis, treatment strategies and logistics

Graduation and certification

For graduation and certification all six modules + practicum should be completed, paper assignments are fulfilled. If you don't fulfill all paper assignments a final exam will substitute.

What happens if I miss a class? All classes are recorded. You will be able to log in and view the missed class. You will need to submit the written assignment for the class.

What if I can't take the classes on Tuesdays? You can watch recordings of the classes and participate in our live forum. You will still need to submit your assignments in order to graduate.

Class and module assignments are designed to help you review the class.

Active students will have access to a private chat room discussing topics related to the course.


You will learn how to differentiate infertility patterns with classical Chinese medicine thinking. You will be able to help patients who chose the IVF and ART path, and most importantly you will be able to help patients overcome their infertility naturally, using only Chinese medicine and the Hunyuan method without the use of drugs or IVF. Best of all you will understand the classics better and elevate your skill as a Chinese medicine practitioner.

Graduates who are active professional members of the Hunyuan Research Institute will be listed on our referral page with their contact information.

Hunyuan Certificate – what does it mean?

Hands on training- interactive learning

The Hunyuan certificate can only be awarded to active Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists. Acupuncture students and other professionals will be awarded a participation certificate.

Certified Hunyuan practitioners are listed on the Hunyuan Research Institute website, which will include their contact information, as long as they are active members of the Institute (annual dues apply).

Graduates of Hunyuan Certification course can take the same course again for 10% of the cost.

Certified Hunyuan practitioners may display the certificate in their clinic and use the Hunyuan method to treat infertility patients.

After certification graduates may add to their name WDJS, Wen Dong Ju Shi 文東居士(scholar who resides in the eastern culture/literature)

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