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Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine; Volume 3 Qi Blood Fluid Channels (9780957972018)

Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine; Volume 3 Qi Blood Fluid Channels

ISBN: 9780957972018
Publisher: Pangolin Press
Binding: Hardcover

by Will Maclean and Jane Lyttleton
There are many riches to be found in this book. Practitioners will welcome the lengthy and detailed coverage of disorders such as abdominal masses, depression, diabetes mellitus, oedema, acute and chronic fevers, headache, muscle weakness and atrophy, numbness and paraesthesia, obesity, painful obstruction (bi) syndrome and thyroid disorders. However a few chapters stand out for the immense value they offer in treating other difficult and often poorly understood disorders. Lingering colds and flu (for example lasting longer than a week) are exceptionally common in the clinic, yet it can be difficult to decide how best to treat them. This subject is rarely covered elsewhere and a practitioner can struggle to analyse the balance between excess and deficiency, heat and cold, internal and external. Similarly valuable are the chapters on lingering pathogens (the disease category that helps make sense of many chronic disorders that Western medicine is unable either to explain or to treat) and tiredness. Sweating disorders (night, spontaneous, hands and feet, armpits, head and chest, half of the body, genitals, yellow) are covered in eighty detailed pages.
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