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Teaching Atlas of Acupuncture Vol1 & 2 (9783131440310)

Teaching Atlas of Acupuncture Vol1 & 2
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ISBN: 9783131440310
Publisher: Thieme
Binding: Paperback

by Pierro Quirico and Tiziana Pedrali
Two Outstanding Atlases in One Set!
Volume 1, Channels and Points, will help the reader find answers and reassurance on a wide range of anatomical questions pertaining to acupuncture practice. A concise review of the clinical application of each point is presented in table format and illustrated in more than 200 full color images. Cross-sections depict precise anatomical structures at and near each acupuncture point, illustrating skin, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and bones. Additional information on auricular and scalp acupoints, techniques other than acupuncture, and reflexology plates, provide a complete overview.

Volume 2, Clinical Indications, offers extensive clinical information on more than 400 acupuncture points, arranged in a conveniently referenced format with a profusion of tables. In great detail, it discusses in numerical order the acupuncture points and provides a comparison of the modern Western and traditional Chinese medical indications for each point, explanatory notes to synthesize this information, offer contraindications, and provide the applied clinical context. A linguistic explanation of the Chinese name, each point's TCM functions, as well as main combinations and their indications are provided as well.

By improving your understanding of each point's application, you will advance your practice of Chinese medicine and build a bridge between the Western and Eastern medical paradigms.

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