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Pocket Atlas of Acupuncture (9783131417213)

Pocket Atlas of Acupuncture
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ISBN: 9783131417213
Publisher: Thieme
Binding: Paperback

by Hermann Hempen and Wortman

The Pocket Atlas of Acupuncture provides the reader with an overview of the history of acupuncture in China and Europe. It describes the underlying principles of Chinese medicine and how it differs from Western medicine.
The main focus of this book is the presentation of the 361 classic acupuncture points giving details of their locations, the way they are classified, their actions and indications, as well as the needling techniques to be used. On the pages facing the descriptions, there are precise anatomical diagrams showing the paths of the channels and the points located on them. This practice-oriented atlas includes:
  • A concise history of Chinese medicine
  • An overview of acupuncture theory and practice
  • Accurate illustrations and descriptions of the most important acupuncture points (Chinese characters, Pinyin transcription, English names, and alphanumeric codes)
  • Treatment recommendations

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