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Philosophical and Clinical Tools in Chinese Medicine (9789079212002)

Philosophical and Clinical Tools in Chinese Medicine

ISBN: 9789079212002
Publisher: Aram Tzayig
Binding: Hardcover

by Aram Tzayig

This unusual project presents the philosophy of Chinese medicine using nearly 120 diagrams and tables. The first part of the book explains the concepts of Chinese medicine in numerical order, from one to twelve. The second part contains tables and diagrams that are useful for clinical work.

The book is meant for students and practitioners at all levels.

The result is a source that is simple, direct, practical, and thought-provoking.

About the author

Aram Tzayig has been teaching and practicing Chinese Medicine for thirteen years. After completing his studies in TCM, he acquired expertise in treatment based on the five elements and the theory of stems and branches. His field of specialty is Chinese Medicine for children.
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