Chinese Medicine Times : Keeping You Informed

Chinese Medicine Times : Keeping You Informed

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Average Rating 5

, Good Book

A very good book for every Chinese medicine student or practitioner. It gives different and useful perspectives on points, and the meridian charts are very clear and helps foster a good visual perception of the meridians.

, Excellent

This book is excellent.

, A must book for students and practitioners.

The best book to learn from about the acupuncture points and meridians, both functions and locations. The illustrations are exceptionally helpfully and clear and the information about the points uses and functions are taken from many sources, primary and secondary, and espouse the reader to different historical trends and aproches in Chinese medicine not be limited to one or two ways of thinking. In my opinion, this book should be a must book for all students of Chinese medicine. If they want to be taken seriously, this is one of the books that they should start with.

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