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Pointer Mate - Acupoint Locator

Pointer Mate - Acupoint Locator
Contemporary scientific investigations have demonstrated that subcuits underlying the acupuncture point is a rich supply of nerves and blood vessels. On the body surface, the electric resistance of acupuncture points is lower than in its surrounding areas.

Whenever any organ of the body undergoes pathological changes its corresponding meridian and points show changes and certain relatively specific pathological reaction points such as auriculo-acupuncture points, meridian points appear on the skin surface. The electric resistance of the reactive points is further lowered than in normal conditions.

It can be readily located by means of an instrument which is sensitive to resistance changes.When the probe head touches a low electric resistance point, the loudspeaker gives a sound signal. Its pitch rises with the lowering of the electric resistance of the skin.

When meridian points, auriculo-acupuncture points and reactive points are more accurately located, more efficient therapeutical results can be obtained while needling these points.

With this instrument and method of detection, acupuncture of the points thus located usually produce a strong needling sensation and satisfactory therapeutical results.

The use of this instrument makes it easier to locate points, especially for the beginners. The detecting of auriculo-acupuncture points may also serve as an aid to diagnosis.

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