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Using Five Element Acupuncture for the Treatment of Depression

Using Five Element Acupuncture for the Treatment of Depression

Depression is the most commonly diagnosed medical condition in daily practice. Treatments that address stagnation in the liver Qi are most common for dealing with it. Such treatments often do help, but not always as expected. When treatments are carried out on the basis of the Five Phases theory, the therapeutic results prove much better.

This lecture looks at nearly the entire spectrum of information on: how to treat depression through the Five Elements, how to make a diagnosis, how symptoms should be analysed, and how acupuncture can be combined with both Chinese herbs and with nutritional recommendations.

During the lecture, I will also conduct a demonstration in order to show that disturbances in the elements of fire and wood are the primary factors that bring on depression, meaning that the key to success lies in the regulation of these two elements. The treatment will primarily focus on acupuncture.

By the end of the lecture, participants will come to realize that a thorough understanding and concrete implementation of this theory in daily practice can offer broad applications, able to deal with a wide range of symptoms.


Peilin Sun


In both English and German.

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