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Treatment of Paediatric Atopic Eczema with Acupuncture and Western Herbs

Treatment of Paediatric Atopic Eczema with Acupuncture and Western Herbs

Eczema is notoriously unpredictable in its response to treatment. There are herbalists who claim that only herbs (usually Chinese herbs) are the only way to treat eczema, but in reality the response to herbs is also unpredictable.

The skin is fine as long as the patient iis taking herbs, but when they stop, all too often the eczema comes back.

The secret to treating eczema is to understand the emotional component. When the child's emotional stae matches the energetic imbalance, then treatment is easy, whether by acupuncture or herbs. When the emotional state differs, then treatment will be long and slow.

We can look at two examples. If a toddler has the big belly and red cheeks of the accumulation disorder, and they also show the restlessness and irritability that should go with this pattern, then treatment is easy.

On the other hand, children who show the poor appetite and frequent infections characteristic of Spleen qi xu may show behaviour quite contrary to this energetic pattern. They may be shy with people they do not know (such as the practitioner) but quite rough and violent within the family. With this paradoxical behaviour, one will only get slow results.

This talk will describe commonly seen patterns, what acupuncture and herbs are helpful, what results one can hope for, and what problems and pitfalls are likely.


Julian Scott


In both English and German.

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