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Shiatsu Theory and Practice, 2nd edition (9780443070594)

Shiatsu Theory and Practice, 2nd edition

ISBN: 9780443070594
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Binding: Hardcover

by Carola Beresford-Cooke

This book provides a clear and complete introduction to the theory and practice of Zen shiatsu, drawing in lucid detail on the theoretical foundation of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and five element theory. The text offers illustrations and photos of unparalleled clarity, supporting descriptions of treatment routines and techniques, and enabling the student to begin practice with confidence.


  • Tremendously clear and readable text which allows the complete beginner to build up their knowledge and practice with confidence
  • Drawings of outstanding clarity which support accurate and careful practice
  • Thorough exploration of the strands of theory - TCM, five elements, Zen - in a way which makes their integration into practice clear and rational.
  • Detailed text and illustration descriptions of meridians, point locations and functions, shown together with salient underlying anatomy
  • Step by step descriptions of treatment routines and the variety of appropriate touch techniques
  • Case histories to show how theory can realistically apply to practice .
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