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AWQ105 Pro Electronic Acupunctoscope (AWQ105)

AWQ105 Pro Electronic Acupunctoscope
The AWQ105 Pro Electronic Acupunctoscope is a professional, brand new unit with 5 channels. It comes with a modern design and inherits the features of AWQ-series acupunctoscope.

This professional unit provides multiple functions and features, which are essential in daily acupuncture practice.


  • 5 outputs (including an output exclusively for the use of search/stimulation probe for point detection and immediate stimulation.)
  • Frequency and Pulse Width are adjustable & separated into two groups, Group 1 for Ch 1 & 2 , and Group 2 for Ch 3 & 4. (Instead of one Frequency and one Pulse Width for all channels)
  • 2 large LCD (each measures 15X30 mm) for displaying precise frequency of each group, and one LCD (15x30 mm) for showing sensitivity during acup-point detection. This LCD also displays the frequency (fixed at 10 Hz) during direct stimulation by the search/stimulation probe.
  • 3 different Mode; Cont (continuous), Modulate and Burst.
  • High & Low selection of output. X1 and X5 (multiplier) of pulse rate and width adjustments
  • Timer selection for different period of treatment session. Continuous, 15 minutes and 30 minutes.
  • Buzzer ON/OFF, for sound control during point detection.
  • Steady output intensity increment control, no cross over, and no interference between each output.
  • Music for timer alert and error warning.

Weight (including packaging): 1000g
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