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, An Extraordinary Book!

After reading it back and forth, trying to understand and furthermore , to practice all that this book has to offer, I came to realize that Chinese medicine as an art is achievable only once you contain and fully master the human landscape -the web of vessels that construct our body/being. And that goal is brought to us, very well written and organized within this book.

, Finally a great explanation of meridian style acupuncture

There are many fine herbalists, but the number of solid acupucnturists remain few. This book is the first step for any acupuncturist that wants to learn to approach their entire treatment from a Chinese point of view, specifically, meridian/channel theory. This is probably Giovanni's finest book. Interspersed throughout the book are quotes from some of the Chinese Medical Classics, such as the Nei Jing. These reinforce Giovanni's ideas. If you've never heard of the Gao or the Huang, you should start with this book. If you are tired of using the same points or you're protocol medicine isn't working, you should buy this book. I went to a college where most students ran to protocols and Estim rather than relying on solid theory and needle technique. This book should be a standard textbook in meridian classes. Giovanni even includes sections on Ghost points and Celestial points as well as lengthy sections on the extraordinary vessels and the divergents. His discussions on luo channels and musculo-tendino and particularly good. Don't hesitate, buy it now!

, The Channels of Acupuncture

I still going thru the pages of this book on a daily bases to increase my capabilities of points choosing for different cases. It is an amazing resource of information. Definitely buy this book!

, Buy this book!

As a teacher of Secondary Vessels theory, I have been waiting for this book for several years. It is clearly presented in such a way that even beginning students can comprehend, and more advanced students and practitioners can implement immediately. Most of this information was available in other forms if one had the wherewithal to chase it all down, but as usual Mr. Maciocia pulls it all together in a seamless whole. I recommend it to students and practitioners at all levels of experience.

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