Slightly Heart Burn is good for Stomach & Spleen Digestion Function

By Feng Mei L.Ac. 10/06/2012

In TCM, stomach is Yang earth, spleen is Yin earth, the stomach like moist and hate dry, like cool and hate hot; the spleen like dry and hate damp, like warm and hate cold. So the stomach and spleen are opposite like enemy, from some kind of meaning, they are nature disharmony each other easily, but they all are human body's digestion organs, they must coordinate each other, so the human body can get food nutrition to support whole body. The stomach control the food and water digestion, and the spleen control to transfer the nutrition which from the stomach to supply whole body. From classic five elements theory we know the fire can build earth, so stomach fire can build strong spleen earth, if there are little stomach fire cause heart burn, it will benefit the spleen earth function, because spleen earth like warm and dry, and little fire inside stomach will good for food digestion too. If people because of little heart burn to use anti acid pills and drink a lot of ice water, yes, it will cover the stomach fire, but it may cause damp cold energy to hurt spleen function (because spleen hate damp and cold), so the spleen lose transfer nutrition function, the patient will become diarrhea and fatigue, and it will hurt stomach digestion function also, the anti acid pills will neutralize the stomach acid obstruct the stomach digestion function, the patient will become stomach distension, gas too much, stomach cold pain, even bigger heart burn. Hence, when you feel stomach heat thirsty, please don't drink a lot of ice water, when you feel slightly heart burn , please don't eat anti acid pills, better drink some warm water or room temperature water, have a rest and let it nature become well.