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    New thought of TCM meridian system

    New thought of TCM meridian system

    by Feng Mei L.Ac. 09/26/2012

    As we known, from the "Yi Change", Wuji born Taiji, Taiji born two appearance: Yin & Yang; Two appearance born four image: pure Yin, pure Yang, mixed Yin and mixed Yang; Four images born eight Gua: Tai Yang(Qian), Shao Yang(Zhen) Jue Yang(Xun), Yang Ming(Li); Tai Yin(Kun), Shao Yin(Gen), Jue Yin(Dui), Yin An(Kan).

    As we known, in TCM, we already have the meridian names: Tai Yang, Shao Yang and Yang Ming; Tai Yin, Shao Yin and Jue Yin. But from "Yi Change" we know, there are two more conditions not list on the TCM meridians name. Does it mean we still have Jue Yang meridian and Yin An meridian not show on the TCM books? if it is true, are they the meridians that are spiral around our arms and legs? and the meridian names should be renamed?taijibagua.jpg
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    Eight Trigrams and Six Divisions

    Feng Mei;
    We have met on another forum, so I am repeating myself for the benefit (hopefully) of others. Some years ago Peter Eckman suggested a relation of the Six Divisions to the Eight Trigrams that left the Creative and Receptive as 'absolute Yang and absolute Yin'; as 'absolute' is not a real world condition these are left out. He said this was only a suggestion, but it seemed to me to have a great deal of merit. The exact relations of the other six is complicated by a lack of a generally agreed uniformity in systems of organizing the six divisions - Manfred Porkert refers to at least three 'orders' that I remember.

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    Thank you very much AAPrescott;
    You make me suddenly understand! Now I have a new idea, that is Ren meridian is absolute Yin, Du meridian is absolute Yang. See, there are Eight Divisions of Eight Trigrams now. The energy of Qi is totally circled inside body small universe and coordination with outside big universe.

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    i do not believe you can make the 6 divisions fit into the trigrams, they are different concepts, the organs do fit into the trigrams in a different way individually.
    dan and pang guang are chien
    gan and shen are kun
    xin is tui
    pi is li
    da chang is sun
    wei is kan
    fei is chen
    xiao shang is ken

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    In Bagua meridian system, the Ren meridian(absolute yin) is connect to the uterus or testicle; the Du meridian(absolute yang) is connect to the brain, plus the hand or leg three yin and three yang meridians; so, there are Eight Divisions of Eight Trigrams on hand or leg part of body. So, the Ren meridian is the Yin An meridian is "Kan" Gua, and Du meridian is the Jue Yang meridian is "Dui" Gua, but absolute Yang is not Dui Gua, so it should be Qian Gua, and I found heart meridian should not name "Shao Yin", because heart is fire energy, it should be "Li" Gua, and "Kan' Gua is water, it should not be absolute Yin, the Ren meridian should be "Kun" Gua; see, the Bagua meridian system should rename the meridians.
    The new meridian of Bagua system names should be: Ren(Uterus/testicle) Kun Gua(Tai Yin), Du(Brain) Qian Gua(Tai Yang): leg yang: Yang Ming(ST) Li Gua, Shao Yang(Gb) Zhen Gua, Jue Yang(Ub) Xun Gua; Leg yin: Yin An(Kd) Kan Gua, Shao Yin(Sp) Gen Gua , Jue Yin(Lv) Dui Gua; hand yang: Yang Ming(Ht) Li Gua, Shao Yang(Lu) Zhen Gua, Jue Yang(Sj) Xun Gua; hand Yin: Yin An(Pc) Kan Gua, Shao Yin(Si) Gen Gua, Jue Yin(Li)Dui Gua.

    Ba Gua Tu 1.jpg
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    Hi Feng,
    now i can see that you are definitely mixing concepts, ren and du are part of the 8 extra system of meridians, they are pre heavenly energies. the 6 divisions are post heavenly energies and never the twain shall meet as they say. If you are including du and ren, you must also include yin yang qaio, yin and yang wei, chong and dai mai, then obviously there are 8 [ pre heavenly trigrams]. the system is prefect, it dosent need changing.

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    I believe Du and Ren is connect to both pre-heaven and after heaven meridians systems, so, it can mixing use into 6 divisions meridians system and special meridians system.

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    Ba Gua Tu 7.jpg

    There are many many mistakes in TCM, I think they come from tranlation issues, but mostly they come from well meaning people trying to make things fit neatly in their own mind, they are not furnished with the whole picture. This version of the ba gua is wrong and if you try to apply it in clinic the treatment will not work.

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    Although I am not agreeing with Feng Mei overall, I would have to disagree with the idea that 'never the twain shall meet'. Of course the Eight Curious Vessels and Twelve Regular channels form one system. Claude Larre's has written about this. Perhaps an anology might be to think of the two parts of an electic motor or generator. Just like the two arrangemetns of the Ba Gua, one expresses polarity the other circular movement. I actually think that Feng Mei's idea of relating the (absolute) Yin and Yang to the Creative and Receptive and connecting the six gua and six divisions or channels has some merit and is worth exploring. The main question is does this help one in clinic. But at the very least one can find metaphors that reconcile the different models within Chinese medicine which may be valuable in itself if it enables people to accept different models as being correct.

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