Acupuncture for female infertility compare with western medicine
By Feng Mei LAc

Western medicine for female infertility is from construction way to do the treatment, for example: the damage of fallopian tubes, the hormone disorder effect the egg release, cervical condition can not make sperm pass through, Uterus polyps and fibroids, there also are non-organic diseases of female infertility about 20%.

TCM acupuncture treatment for female infertility, is from energy and functional way to do the treatment, for example: in TCM, the kidneys are the organs store the female sex energy, if kidney energy(sex) deficiency will cause infertility, acupuncture can tonify kidney energy. In TCM, female is emotion by liver, if liver Qi(energy) not sooth will cause female emotion disorder and endocrine hormone secrete disorder to infertility, acupuncture can sooth liver Qi and balance endocrine energy system. In TCM, if spleen deficiency will cause phlegm happened, the sticky thing(phlegm) is the main stuff cause of uterus polyps and fibroids, it will make female Qi and Blood circle not go smooth cause stagnation infertility, acupuncture can strong spleen function drain the phlegm down and active Qi and blood circulation. So TCM acupuncture use needles to stimulate the meridian Qi(energy) to change the female sex energy condition become better to promote fertility. By the way the non-organic diseases of female infertility for TCM treatment is specially effective rather than western medicine.