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    Wen Bing six zang fu wind heat transformation

    WenBing(Wind heat):

    Taiyin(Lu) > Jueyin ( Pc ) > Shaoyin ( Ht ) > Taiyang ( Si ) > Yangming ( Li) > Shaoyang(Sj)

    Explain: 1, Taiyin lung pattern: wind heat energy is yang energy, so, first attack lung yin zang, is Wei Fen pattern, syndrome: body heat, headache, cough, pluse floating rapid etc., is Sang Ju Yin pattern, if tongue tip red also, is Yin Qiao San pattern.
    2, Jueyin pericardium pattern: if the wind heat go on deeper will attack pericardium on Ying Fen pattern, syndrome: body fire heat nighttime, limbs cramp, mind out of control, speech out of order,skin red spots, tongue red, pulse thin rapid etc., so, it is Qing Ying Tang pattern.
    3, Shaoyin heart pattern: the wind heat energy break the pericardium's defense will go on attack the heart, so, it is (Xie)Blood Fen pattern, syndrome: heart heat, anxiety, thirsty, numb, nose bleeding, vomit blood, bowel blood, skin red rash, tongue deep dark red, pulse thin rapid etc.. It is Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang pattern.
    4, Taiyang small intestine pattern: go on Xie(blood) Fen pattern, heart fire will go to small intestine, because heart is the wife of small intestine, syndrome: nose bleeding, dark urination, urinate pain, dry throat, pulse slippery rapid or tidewater rapid, is Ba Zeng San pattern.
    5, Yangming large intestine pattern: Qi Fen pattern, the small intestine heat will transfer to large intestine cause constipation, body heat, thirsty, sweaty, pulse big like tidewater. It is Bai Hu Tang pattern.
    6, Shaoyang Sanjiao pattern: body heat been cool down, but some heat energy escape to Sanjiao Fu, cause heart and kidney yang hurt yin energy, so make heart & kidney yin deficiency, syndrome: night heat sweaty, morning cool down no sweaty, hungry feeling but body skinny, tongue red, pulse thin rapid. This is Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang pattern.
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