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I know an acupuncturist who spotted a serious illness a GP didn't. That doesn't make the acupuncturist a GP and a physio getting good results with dry needling doesn't make them an acupuncturist or competent at acupuncture. Sticking a needle where it's painful isn't rocket science and isn't acupuncture. This type of technique is only limited to pain. Problem is i know of many physios treating everything else as well with acupuncture, for example insomnia, anxiety, stress, menstrual problems, etc.

I challenged the AACP a few years ago about their members treating everything with acupuncture. Their reply was: "Our accredited members are trained to use acupuncture in an evidence based way to treat pain. Their practice is mainly but not uniquely limited to musculo-skeletal conditions. Following accreditation members are able to extend their scope of acupuncture practice by attending further training courses, such as "women's health". We have approximately 200 members who have completed a minimum of 200 additional hours of training to gain a post graduate diploma in acupuncture." Didn't stop that physio from treating outside their remit and many of them do.
Again, i don't dispute that. I do dispute that all physios who use dry needling are of no value or dangerous. We need to focus on standards in our own profession before criticising others. Note that I refuse to use the term Acupuncture in relation to physios who use the technique as an adjunct. Acupuncture is clearly a technique used within a Chinese medical framework and so it's a term that cannot be used to describe what a physio does however useful that may be to a patient. For me it's a matter of differentiation. Frankly, I think you'll find physios want to be called physios, not acupuncturists. I do object to them using the term Acupuncture to describe what has been learned on a short course.
I always think a lovely way of explaining this to Physios, Chiros and Osteos who use dry needling and call it acupuncture is to ask if they feel it would be OK for me to do a couple of weekends in manipulation etc. and then call myself a physio/chiro/osteo. A fun debate would inevitably ensue ;-)