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  1. Contemporary Chinese Medicine [COM] Concepts

    In this space I plan to give occasional examples of COM [all of which is copyrighted]. Here is one example:
    The importance of the Sun in CM
    Associated with the time of day

    The sun nourishes deficiency so that early in the day and later in the day deficiency will increase and in the middle it will decrease.

    The sun exacerbates excess since most excess involves excess Heat, so that excesses usually get worse in the middle of the day.

    Early ...
  2. An Introduction

    I am Leon I. Hammer, M.D., Chairman of the Governing Board and President of Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine, a deliberately small college of Oriental Medicine in Gainesville FL., that emphasizes personal relations between the student body and the faculty-administration and between the student and their clinic patient. The curriculum covers the range of Chinese medicine with the stress on diagnosis. Of the latter we have four hundred and eighty hours of our over three thousand hour course ...
  3. Should Healthcare Pros Be Allowed To Practice Acupuncture After A Weekend Course?

    ALIED continue to offer day courses in acupuncture to non-acupuncturists,

    Without any previous knowledge of acupuncture theory, healthcare professionals are being offered one day courses in using acupuncture to 'treat' complex conditions such as anxiety and depression.

    This diluting of acupuncture theory into a 'cookbook' approach to acupuncture practice reduces the clinical effect of acupuncture and midleads the public into believing ...