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Effect of electroacupuncture of "Taichong" (LR 3) on liver function in mild alcoholic liver injury




To observe the effect of electroacupuncture (EA) of "Taichong" (LR 3) on liver function in rats with mild alcoholic liver injury (MALI) so as to explore the feasibility of acupuncture in improving mild alcoholic liver injury.


Forty SD rats were randomly divided into control, model, EA-LR 3 and EA-non-acupoint groups (10 rats/group). MALI model was duplicated by intragastric administration of distillate spirit (14 mL/kg) for 12 hours. Rats of the control group were fed with the same volume of normal saline. EA (2 Hz, 6 V) was applied to bilateral "Taichong" (LR 3) and non-acupoint (the interspace between the 4th and 5th bones of toes in parallel with LR 3) for 30 min, respectively. At the end of experiments, rats were sacrificed for collecting liver tissues. The activities of alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST) of the liver supernatant were detected by using Lai's method.


IIn comparison with the control group, liver ALT and AST activities in the model group were increased significantly (P < 0.05), while in comparison with the model group, liver ALT and AST levels in the EA-LR 3 group were down-regulated remarkably (P < 0.05). No significant changes were found in liver ALT and AST level in the EA-non-acupoint group (P > 0.05). There was no significant improvement in the pathological changes of liver in the EA-LR 3 and EA-non-acupoint groups.


EA of "Taichong"(LR 3) may reduce distillate-spirit induced mild alcoholic liver injury in rats.

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