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Observation on therapeutic effect of chronic fatigue syndrome treated with coiling dragon needling and moving cupping on back




To compare the differences of therapeutic effect of chronic fatigue syndrome treated with the combined therapy of coiling dragon needling and cupping on back and the western medicine therapy with Prednisone.


Seventy-two cases were randomly divided into an acupuncture and cupping group (37 cases) and a Prednisone group (35 cases). In acupuncture and cupping group, Jiaji (EX-B 2) points of T1--L5 were applied with coiling dragon needling (once a day), combined with moving cupping on back (once every two days); in Prednisone group, Prednisone tablets were orally taken for 10 mg at 8:00 am. Seven days made one course, and 2 courses were carried on totally. FS-14 scale and BELL's chronic fatigue syndrome integral table were applied to evaluate the fatigue degree of patients before and after treatment, and the therapeutic effects of both groups were compared.


After one course of treatment, the BELL's scores of both groups were obviously improved (both P < 0.01), but there was no significant difference between groups (P > 0.05); after two courses of treatment, the BELL's score in acupuncture and cupping group improved more obviously than that in Prednisone group, and the total effective rate of 91.9% (34/37) in acupuncture and cupping group was superior to that of 71.4% (25/35) in Prednisone group (P < 0.05).


The therapeutic effect of chronic fatigue syndrome treated with coiling dragon needling and moving cupping on back is positive, superior to that of Prednisone with oral administration.

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