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Acupuncture good for premenstrual syndrome




Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a complex group of symptoms. The clear reasons for PMS have not been understood completely. PMS includes emotional symptoms but mostly physical symptoms.


The study was carried out on 11 patients (23-40 age range) diagnosed as having PMS. DSM IV was taken into account as the criteria for diagnosis. Ren2, Ren6, Ren12, LI4, LI11, P6, Liv3, Sp6, St36 and Du20 points were used on patients for the effects of acupuncture. The treatment of acupuncture was applied for three menses. Furthermore, NOx, MDA and GSH values in blood were studied.


The complaints of patients were observed to decrease or disappear completely. The most obvious changes were observed in myalgia, mastalgia and dysmenorrheal complaints (p < 0.000). Moreover, before starting the treatment of acupuncture, former blood values of NOx, MDA and GSH were compared with blood values of NOx, MDA and GSH after three cycles. An increase was observed for NOx levels after acupuncture treatment (p < 0.05). While there was no change in the oxidant stress indicator, MDA, an increase in antioxidant indicator GSH levels was observed (p < or = 0.05).


Acupuncture to treat premenstrual syndrome can be considered as an effective treatment modality.

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