Chinese Medicine Times : Keeping You Informed

Chinese Medicine Times : Keeping You Informed

BAC members lose battle to use patents

A report to be published soon will announce the battle to use patents by BAC members that have done a patent course, has failed.

BAC members that have done patent courses but not fully herbal training, had hoped to continue to provide patents to their patients via the RCHM's Licentiate/Associate category. However, two obstacles stand in the way of this:
  1. The European Union Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD), which bans patents
  2. The Health Professional Council (HPC) requirements that all herbalists have degree level education

The only way for acupuncturists to continue prescribing herbs to patients is to use individual herbs in a formula construction and to further their education of herbal medicine to bachelor degree with honours or above. The following courses offer this level of education in herbal medicine:

  1. Middlesex University
  2. Northern College of Acupuncture
  3. University of Westminster

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